Excerpt from The Immortal Curse


Today I have been able to work on my novel, “The Immortal Curse” again and it feels so good! When I’m unable to write creatively for a while, it builds up inside of me and spills over into my dreams and I know its been way too long since I have written anything. Today is like a release for me, a breath of fresh air. I know I will sleep well tonight.

I’m near the end of my novel and it just gets harder and harder to write. The whole thing has been building up to this point and I want to make sure it is a worthy ending. Too many times have I read an amazing book only for it to fall flat at the most important moments.

My past novels have been series, so they never truly ‘ended’. I knew I still had two books to go before the climax, so I just made sure the whole book was awesome and left the reader wanting more (possibly wanting to murder me for leaving the books where I do). I can’t do that with this one though because it’s a stand alone. The end is the end. And that’s slightly terrifying.

Wish me luck! In the mean time I will post a short excerpt from the current chapter I am writing below.



Excerpt from The Immortal Curse:

We ride up silently, side-by-side to the open gate. The horse’s hooves echo over the wood as we cross the bridge and enter the city. Above us I see guards wearing black and silver tabards, watching us suspiciously but they don’t move to stop us. I look to Adrian whose jaw is clenched.

     “They will not harm us.” Adrian says sensing my uneasiness. “They know who I am, and they don’t need to see your eyes to guess who I have brought with me.”

     I glance back up at the wall where the guards stand, then quickly avert my eyes to the street in front of me. The street is paved with cobblestone. As soon as we walk in, there is a barracks to our right and a smith to our left. After that, small buildings and vending carts line the street. The narrow path widens into what must be the main square of the city.

As we travel farther into the city, the buildings get bigger and fancier. People are going about their business buying and selling things. Looking at them, you wouldn’t think they have been under a curse for hundreds of years.

     People peer at us but look away quickly as soon as I return the look. The people start to notice us more and whispers start spreading across the crowd that is starting to gather. They part for us no longer hiding their steady gazes. I receive looks of pity, and of fright.

     “Bless you, kind Lady.” An old woman stumbles forward and grabs my ankle in my stirrup. I’m startled and jump, worried she was going to try and hurt me.

     “Back!” Adrian commands, and the woman quickly huddle’s away.

      “Do not worry.” Adrian says, so that only I can hear. “No one will hurt you.”

     “Right.” I say looking from face to face. “They all think I’m coming to die anyway.”

     Adrian’s eyes flicker. “Right.”

     We are forced to walk our horses slowly as the crowd thickens and people leave their houses to watch us pass. A hush is over the crowd and the weight of the burden they all have been carrying with the immortal curse is very real to me. I swallow trying to keep my emotions in check and my face void of the terror and sadness I was feeling overwhelmed with.

     I see the palace looming up ahead. Something catches my eye and I stop my horse just in time so I don’t run over a little girl. Her hair is dark blond and she clasps a small yellow flower in her hands as she peers up at me with more knowledgeable eyes then anyone her age should ever have.

     She raises the flower towards me and I bend over accepting it. I hold the flower in my hand as the girl silently steps out of my path.

     “This way.” Adrian beckons softly.

     Sparing one final glance at the little girl, I push forward taking the final steps to the palace gates. Four guardsmen come forward and Adrian slides off his horse and I follow suit.

     “King Casimir has been expecting you.” The head guard says. He glances at me. Even his eyes look at me with sadness. “I will take you to him.”

     The horses are taken away and we follow the guardsman through the gate. I turn around and all the people stand outside of it watching me, a spark of hope in each one of their eyes. Hope that this nightmare will be over. Hope that life will be normal again and the curse will be lifted. One man bows his head to me and stares at the ground, then slowly like a wave all the rest of the people bow their heads.

     I look to Adrian who looks over the crowd with his lips pressed together and pain in his eyes.

     “They appreciate your sacrifice.” He says next to me.

     “I’m pretty sure they have been through worse.” I reply, before turning away and following after the guardsmen up the stairs into the entrance hall.

     The ceiling is high and chandeliers sparkle overhead. A long hallway stretches down the middle of the palace. It has marble flooring and a black and silver embroidered carpet leads to a grand staircase leading to another floor. Guardsmen stand at the ready at the entrance and on either side of the stairs.

Our footsteps make light padding sounds as they tap the marble staircase. At the top are endless hallways, leading to more doors and hallways I can’t see down, but we continue going straight until we come to two double doors. Giant brass handles that look big enough for a giant to use, hang from each door. The head guard pushes on one of the handles making the door swing open.

     The room in front of me looks almost identical to the room I faced Casimir when we were in the Cavern of Sanctums. The familiar floor to ceiling windows line both the east and west walls. Sunlight filters in and splashes down on the cold floor. A black and silver throne sits empty on the far side of the room. The only difference is there is no giant dining table like during the test. I feel a shiver run down my spine at the familiarity of it.

     “King Casimir will be joining you soon. Please stay here.” The guardsman says. He spins on his heel and exits the room, the double doors slamming shut behind him leaving Adrian and me alone in the great room.

     Adrian looks at me and I return the look.

     “I promised myself I would never take you here.” Adrian says, shaking his head. “I’m so sorry, Violet.”

     I slowly walk next to Adrian and I pick up his hand in both of mine. I memorize it before lightly kissing the back of his hand and looking up into his eyes.

     “Adrian,” I begin. “I don’t regret a single moment I have spent with you. No matter what happens here today. I want you to know that.”

     Adrian’s eyes rove my face, not missing a single feature.

     “I’m going to stick to my plan.” He says his voice breaking.

     I feel my stomach drop. I know Adrian would do anything for me. I know he plans on dying before he see’s me die. That’s something I cannot let happen. Adrian can’t interfere. I can’t let on though, so I simply nod and Adrian pulls me into a hug. I relish the feeling of his strong arms wrapped tightly around me and I breathe in his warm woodsy smell that I will forever associate with him.

     The entrance doors swing open and we step away from each other. We both stand facing the entrance with unwavering determination. Adrian’s hand rests on his hilt and I feel my magic rumbling under the surface.

     Casimir glides into the room, his hands behind his back and a pleased smile spreads across his face. 

    “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” He says, looking me up and down.

    “Don’t you want me here to kill me?” I say, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

    “Yes.” He says slowly.

    “Then kill me.”


I’m no vegetarian but…

Hey Hey! It’s raining in Seattle.

Which might not be a surprise to you, but its been crazy dry here (for seattle). You know when you’re little and it’s just the coolest thing to rub a balloon on your hair and it sticks, while a side effect is your hair stands on end? That’s what I look like. But no cool balloon is in sight. I just look like a crazy person.

photo copyOn top of that, every time I reach down to pet Rosie she runs away. Whenever we touch, we both get electrocuted. I think she is starting to associate petting with electricity, therefore to little Rosie petting=no bueno. So I chase after her anyway…

On other news, on my way home from work I pass a christmas tree farm. I noticed they started getting cows. This makes me happy. Cows are my favorite animal, if you don’t know. It all started in middle school when I realized cows weren’t anyones favorite animal. So I felt bad for them and declared them my favorite.

One day I was driving home and looked forward to my daily cow sighting. No cows. I was distraught. Then I saw a new sign and it read “Beef for sale”…

I enjoy hamburgers, not gonna lie. But I befriended those cows! From that moment on, I refused to buy christmas tree’s from that farm. I was quite pleased with myself. This was about 6 months ago. Today I was driving home and lo and behold, more cows.

I think I need to stage a cow kidnapping.

Dont worry I’m just kidding..or am I?


My Writing Method

Hey internet people! It’s me, Missy. As my very first post, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with my writing method. How I do things and how I get my creative juices flowing, that sort of a thing.

photo 1

First off, I always get my best story idea’s when I’m surrounded by nature.Whether it be tree’s or the beach it doesn’t matter, though tree’s are usually my go to, considering I’m in Seattle and we are lacking in beaches a tiny bit. As a writer you need to be aware of your surroundings, so if I’m able to, I go out to the forest or the mountains  and walk off the beaten trail. I run my hand along the bark of a tree, listen to the crunch of leaves under my feet. I let my imagination run.

Ask questions like, why would someone be in the woods? What are they doing there? Who are they with? Why are they with them? How do they feel about being with them? Why do they feel that way? The questions are endless and before you know it you will find yourself building a story.

You can do this in the city too, going about your everyday life. Become a psychologist. People watch. What are people talking about around you? Who is that person crossing the street? Where are they going? How do they feel about it? Why? You can’t ask the question ‘why’ enough, for a well rounded story.

Alright, lets say I have a story. Now what?

The next step I take is sketching out details of the world. Is it this world or is it make believe? Who is also in that world? Whose the main character? Why are we following that person as opposed to another? Once I figure out the main character I create a dossier. I fill out questions like name, height, appearance, age, profession, quirks, habits, skills, greatest flaw, best attribute, educational background. Don’t be afraid to go really in depth with this. You’re building a person from scratch and the more you know your character the more believable they will be to your readers.

A lot of people then lay out whats going to happen in the story. That method doesn’t work for me personally. I feel like if I sketch out the book then I’m trapped with those outcomes. The book can seem forced that way. What works for me is figuring out where I’m starting and the main problem, then I just start writing and see where my characters take me. I think it feels more organic that way and you allow the book to go wherever it wants to. Most of the time when a plot twist happens, I’m just as surprised as the reader and I think that makes it fun!

When I write I tend to hide in my bedroom, so that I can be alone. I have to allow myself to get lost in the story. I become totally unaware I’m in my bedroom and I find myself in my book’s universe. One of the most important elements for me personally while writing, is I have to find the perfect movie soundtrack that fits the mood of my story. It cannot have words, or it throws me off and changes the direction of my writing. I know a lot of writers that  lyrics dont bother them though, so it just might be a personal quirk.

Remember this is just my personal method. This is what I have found works best for me. There are many many other ways of writing out there, you just gotta find out what works best for you!

Best of luck to you, and remember you only fail at writing if you stop.