I’m no vegetarian but…

Hey Hey! It’s raining in Seattle.

Which might not be a surprise to you, but its been crazy dry here (for seattle). You know when you’re little and it’s just the coolest thing to rub a balloon on your hair and it sticks, while a side effect is your hair stands on end? That’s what I look like. But no cool balloon is in sight. I just look like a crazy person.

photo copyOn top of that, every time I reach down to pet Rosie she runs away. Whenever we touch, we both get electrocuted. I think she is starting to associate petting with electricity, therefore to little Rosie petting=no bueno. So I chase after her anyway…

On other news, on my way home from work I pass a christmas tree farm. I noticed they started getting cows. This makes me happy. Cows are my favorite animal, if you don’t know. It all started in middle school when I realized cows weren’t anyones favorite animal. So I felt bad for them and declared them my favorite.

One day I was driving home and looked forward to my daily cow sighting. No cows. I was distraught. Then I saw a new sign and it read “Beef for sale”…

I enjoy hamburgers, not gonna lie. But I befriended those cows! From that moment on, I refused to buy christmas tree’s from that farm. I was quite pleased with myself. This was about 6 months ago. Today I was driving home and lo and behold, more cows.

I think I need to stage a cow kidnapping.

Dont worry I’m just kidding..or am I?



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