Finished Another Novel, Now What?

Hi there!

 photo 2

It has been a while. I have been quite the busy bee! This is what happens to me and Rosie when we are locked in the Writing Cave for too long.

I finished my 4th complete edit run through of The Immortal Curse and I am very pleased with it! I made a list of my top agents and I have sent out my Query letter to three so far. My fingers are crossed and I’m feeling good!

You might be asking, well what now? I could take it easy and wait the month it will take to hear back from the Agents, but that’s just not my style! How do you think I have managed to have 4 complete novels by my age? You gotta keep working! Keep writing and keep thinking ahead!

So, I have started a new project! This one is a YA spy novel. I’m so so so excited about it. I’ve always stayed in Fantasy/ Sci Fi realm, so stepping out of that will be a challenge I look forward to! Personally, I don’t know of very many YA spy novels, so I think it will be different for the market as well and possibly very intriguing.

I get a lot of people thinking I’m crazy. They think I’m wasting my time by writing another novel. But they couldn’t be more wrong!

Writing is what I want my career to be. I’m obsessed with it, I HAVE to write. I don’t have a choice. On top of just loving to write, I can’t rely on my newest book to get me my goal of being published. It might not receive any interest at this time. I might have to shelve it. But while I wait to see if anyone is interested, I’m working on my next book that might take my career where I want to be! You got to follow your dreams whole heartedly, and keep plowing ahead. Never accept defeat!

Plus, a little tip. How do you get better at writing? By writing! Every novel I write, I grow as a writer by leaps and bounds. My writing always gets better which gets me one step closer to hitting my dream.

Now how can that be a waste of time?



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