Researching Literary Agents

So you finished your novel, all the revisions, you have fallen in love and hate and love again with your story, and you think you can finally tackle a literary agent with a query letter.

First off, congratulations! You have already gotten farther then most people who start writing a novel. Secondly, I’m so sorry. Querying is the least enjoyable part of writing. But it is a necessary evil my friend.

From my experience, I would research into Literary Agents and make a list of your top choices before tackling writing a query letter. The reason I chose this method is because every agent has their own personal taste and wants of how a query letter should be formatted.

One query does not fit all! If you take anything away from this blog, take that.

Make sure to personalize your letter to that specific agent. Trust me, that will help your query in a big way! It immediately lets the agent know you have done your homework and shows your professionalism.

Below are 4 websites that I have found most helpful when researching literary agents:

When you find an agent you like, make sure you go to their direct agency website. That way you can get their most up to date information on how they want to receive a query and what genre’s they are open to representing.

What websites do you find especially helpful when looking into literary agents? Let me know in the comments!

Best of luck,



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