About Missy

photo 2 I’m a 24 year old story teller born and raised in Seattle, Washington (Go Hawks!). As any born and raised Seattleite I’m addicted to coffee (give me a carmel latte IV please), and I enjoy rain (never use an umbrella, you will have tourist written all over you).

My writing journey started before I knew the alphabet. I would scribble in a Beauty and The Beast notebook, convinced I was writing in cursive. Then in 2nd grade I wrote my first short story. It was about a boy who goes on a field trip to the zoo. He see’s the zoo keeper’s mistreating the elephants, so he takes them down and free’s the elephants into the city! Which might not have been the best thing for those elephants adult Missy thinks.

IMG_1164I continued writing the occasional short story but it wasn’t until I was at rehearsal for The Sound of Music when I was 16 that a friend told me she was writing a novel, so I decided to as well. My first novel is a YA Fantasy titled, ‘The Whillor Legends‘. Once I finished my first novel, I couldn’t be stopped. I wrote my next novel (also YA Fantasy) a year later titled, ‘Blackwick School of Magic‘. Then I wrote another titled, ‘Life of Defiance‘. As I finished my BA I had two short stories published in Tahoma West Literary Magazine; 2011 non-fiction ‘Masks‘, and 2012 literary fiction ‘Friendly Fire‘. I graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Writing Studies. After that I finished my YA Fantasy (surprise fantasy again!) “The Immortal Curse“. I am currently working on a Middle Grade Fantasy (BOOM! Expect that one?) currently titled “The Chronicles of Lost and Found“.

When I’m not writing, you can find me browsing Vinyl Record stores, watching international TV shows and movies, cheering on the Seahawks, performing in theater, waiting for the next The Walking Dead episode,  playing video games, and attempting to go on crazy adventures with anyone I can persuade to join me!

photoI have a kitten named Rosie, as my chosen profession of writing dictates (much like a wizard needs an owl, writers need cats. Don’t question it. Accept it). I also kinda love reading (I’m chalk full of surprises). A few of my favorite novels are Harry Potter (lets just get that one out of the way), The Wizard of Oz, Graceling, The Hunger Games, The Seventh Tower, Old Magic, Throne of Glass, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Paper Towns, The Book Thief, The Great Gatsby, The Giver, and anything by Jane Austin.

I’m also a big nerd (and proud!). I LOVE  Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. I can quote them like a pro but my Yoda impression leaves something to be desired…and I want my own R2D2, just saying.

Live long and prosper,