My Novels

*Below are the names and summary’s of my novels going from newest to oldest*

The Goblin Game

Middle Grade Fantasy. Summary coming soon.

The Immortal Curse

Seventeen-year-old Avery McCray was worried enough about going on a first date with the new boy in town, let alone being pushed through a portal leading to another realm. What was supposed to lead to a possible goodnight kiss, led to a world without hairdryers and horses as the only form of transportation. That would be demon horses as far as Avery is concerned. The gorgeous boy at fault, Dashian, promises her that after she heals the King of a deadly sickness, he will let her return home. But as dangerous men are hunting her down, she quickly realizes that Dashian isn’t telling her the whole story. Despite this, she finds herself falling for the mysterious Dashian. It doesn’t take long for Dashian’s dark past to catch up with them. When Avery is kidnapped, she is more than surprised that her newest kidnapper insists he is protecting her from Dashian. Soon, Avery finds herself lost in a new world with no one to trust, but herself.

Life of Defiance

Eighteen-year-old Elladien is the only known half-drael and half-human to exist. Though she sees it as a curse, it is what saves her from being executed by the King’s guard when her fugitive camp is discovered. When presented to the King, she is given two choices; enslavement or fight for her freedom in The Termination. Choosing to fight, she is ordered to the Barracks where she meets her team, The Rebels, who are tasked with training her. Taeven, the leader of the group instantly welcomes Elladien with open arms. His easy smile and friendly personality draws her in but the mysterious and dangerously handsome Vander is what captures her thoughts. While she fights for her life in the Arena, she fights for life outside of The Termination as well. Kidnappers and assassins are sent after Elladien by an unknown threat, but it’s obvious that someone will do everything in their power to prevent Elladien from winning her freedom. 

Blackwick School of Magic

When Sabrina Westscott’s power awakens at the age of 16 instead of the normal 15, she thinks she is a magic dunce.  She is accepted into Blackwick School of Magic allowing her a firsthand look into the mysterious magical world of the Honestus Electus. What she finds out makes her think it’s not as fantastical as everyone seems to believe. The Magic’s have a social ranking system that depends on your class. Those above your rank, most of the time will not even acknowledge your existence. Just as Sabrina starts to get comfortable with the idea of being an Enchantress, she develops powers only Sorceress’s are capable of, something that has never been done before. Soon the Atra Censura, a cult who hates none magic users, start to show special interest in her and want her to join them. Little does she know that her father, who she thought was dead, is involved.  Then to top it all off, Sabrina finds herself falling for someone at the top of the ranking system, a Wizard.

The Willor Legends

The Night before Brielle’s 17th birthday she has a dream about a mystical elf, a helpless baby, and a great evil. She wakes up and chooses to forget all about the dream. But that wasn’t meant to be. For that very night a mysterious stranger comes to her door requesting to speak with her. Although the man was a complete stranger she felt like she knew him, for the man had repeatedly appeared in her dreams. Overnight, her simple life is shattered and she is thrust in to a new world of magic, danger, and destiny she couldn’t imagine and never wanted. She is chosen as the Willor of the Lightcasters. She is expected to rule a Kingdom and she is destined to face the ultimate evil; Lord Zane, the Willor of the Shadowcasters.