2015 New Years Resolution: Platform…and Coffee Beans

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of 2015 and you know what that means? New Years Resolutions! They can be both a blessing and a curse. Mine for instance; I plan on cutting back on coffee a bit. I’m not cutting it out all together or anything, I mean come on. I’m a writer. Lets be real.

So this plan of mine sounds like it would be beneficial to my health, less caffeine and sugar and all that. That is a blessing.

I’m sure it will seem as a curse to those closest to me. Considering I don’t think I will be a ray of sunshine while withering on the floor in pain trying to scrounge for fallen coffee beans. Alright, maybe I wouldn’t go THAT far. Perhaps I would be standing while searching for coffee beans.

So that’s the health side of things. What about the writer side of things? I can tell you my goal as well as I’m sure many other writers’ goals are to build a platform.

What do I mean by building a platform? I mean making your presence known and start building a reputation. By doing that, you get a jump start on gathering people who might be interested in reading your published works and thus be easier to get a literary agent and higher book sales!

I know what you’re thinking, “Weeeeee! That sounds perfect!”.

And you’re right. Only it has a catch. Building a platform isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m still learning about it myself! But what I do have is some options for you to start your own platform journey.


#1 Blog: Create your own blog or even join a group of people! That’s what I did in the beginning. I met some friends at a writer’s conference and we started a blog together. That’s the easiest for new bloggers since you all share the load. Then when you’re ready to branch out and create your own blog, go for it! There are many different free blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, or even Reddit. Take a look around and see what’s best for you!

#2 Social Media: All of it! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Maybe even myspace if that’s still your thing…is that still a thing? Anyway, these are great ways to get people to know you! Even if you chose one of the other options of platforms I give such as blogging, having a good social media voice will help you grow that much faster!

#3 Youtube: This is one I’ve been thinking about doing myself for a long time. It’s just like blogging…only virtual! It’s like the future. Only its now. Youtube is only getting more popular and not to mention if you have a big following you can even make some good money off of it. Maybe you’re saying, I don’t have a good camera. Well do you have a phone? Or maybe the camera on your computer? Or Ipad? Those work just fine when you’re first starting off. Then move your way up in the ways of technology as you learn.


That’s the thing with New Years Resolutions. People like to make excuses and focus on the problems and then they give up. I know I’m guilty of doing that. But what else can you do? How can you make it work? It may not be perfect, but at least you’ve started. That’s a lot further then a lot of other people can say.

Excuse me while I go try to find coffee beans…maybe I’ll just smell them. That will help right?

No laughing! I’m trying here!


Happy Following Through With Your New Years Resolutions!




Community Community Community!

Happy July!

The TV show Community was renewed… But that’s not the ‘Community’ I am referring to. Though I think that was worth mentioning.

The month of June, where did it go? I think I missed it. It was really crazy with my birthday, graduating from college, and my close friends wedding. The 4th of July is around the corner and I always spend it at my family Lake House, so I’m getting ready for that now but then things should start slowing down…maybe?

As things get busier and out of hand, I don’t know about you, but that is whephoto 1n I find it the hardest to focus on writing. Soon you feel swept away with life type things and any down time you manage to get you would rather spend burrowed under your covers.

So what are you supposed to do to combat falling further and further from writing? The most useful thing for me is being embedded into a community!

Having a writing community you are active in is so great on many different levels. You are talking and communicating with others who know exactly what you’re going through and understand your passion, obsession, and struggles with writing. Not only is making new friends/acquaintances in the writing world invaluable to your own writing but its also amazing for your psyche. They help you not go insane and feel more grounded.

You have others cheering you on and relying on you to cheer them on. With a community they are pressuring you in a positive way to keep at it! See, peer pressure can be good sometimes. There’s an exception to everything!

Below is a list of a few community’s I know of you can try out! If I miss any that you are especially fond of, don’t hesitate to leave it down in the comments section.

Blogs (Like this one)


SCBWI’s Blueboard



Writers Digest

Critique Circle

Fiction Press




My Top 4 Writers Resources

Happy Thursday!

Along with my last post that I gave 4 links to websites that are helpful when trying to research Literary Agents, I decided to post 4 websites (in no particular order) that I have found the most helpful with writing in general!

http://nanowrimo.org/ -The first site is Nanowrimo! It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s intended that every November is a competition where writers of every kind converge and cheer each other on to write 50,000 words in 1 month. (They have a few other events throughout the year as well). If that’s not your thing, the Forum is still very helpful anytime of the year!

http://blog.nathanbransford.com/ -Numero 2 is a fantastic blog by past agent and now author Nathan Bransford. This blog has absolutely everything! It’s pretty much my holy grail of information. I have refereed to this blog countless times. Because Nathan Bransford has not only been a Literary Agent but is also an author, his information is invaluable because he’s been on both sides of the business.

http://www.publishingcrawl.com/ -This website is great for anyone interested in books! You don’t need to be a writer to enjoy what this site has to offer. It has a tab especially for ‘readers’ with interviews and other book news. But it also has a ‘writers’ tab that has articles written by professionals in the business about everything from coming up with a book idea to articles about how to prepare for your first book signing. It’s a great resource with hidden gems you wont find anywhere else.

http://susandennard.com/blog-2/ -Last is YA Author Susan Dennard’s blog. I recently stumbled across this blog and boy do I wish I knew about it earlier! Much like Nathan Bransford’s blog, it has amazing information on everything from being a productive writer to multiple posts on crafting a query letter. On top of great informational posts, she makes them really fun and entertaining to read where you need more and more! I just have to say, her post on how to write a synopsis made me almost cry with joy. Check it out!

I hope these websites help you out! If there’s a website that you have found especially helpful, let everyone know about it in the comments section.

Once again, best of luck!



You only fail at writing if you stop.