2015 New Years Resolution: Platform…and Coffee Beans

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of 2015 and you know what that means? New Years Resolutions! They can be both a blessing and a curse. Mine for instance; I plan on cutting back on coffee a bit. I’m not cutting it out all together or anything, I mean come on. I’m a writer. Lets be real.

So this plan of mine sounds like it would be beneficial to my health, less caffeine and sugar and all that. That is a blessing.

I’m sure it will seem as a curse to those closest to me. Considering I don’t think I will be a ray of sunshine while withering on the floor in pain trying to scrounge for fallen coffee beans. Alright, maybe I wouldn’t go THAT far. Perhaps I would be standing while searching for coffee beans.

So that’s the health side of things. What about the writer side of things? I can tell you my goal as well as I’m sure many other writers’ goals are to build a platform.

What do I mean by building a platform? I mean making your presence known and start building a reputation. By doing that, you get a jump start on gathering people who might be interested in reading your published works and thus be easier to get a literary agent and higher book sales!

I know what you’re thinking, “Weeeeee! That sounds perfect!”.

And you’re right. Only it has a catch. Building a platform isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m still learning about it myself! But what I do have is some options for you to start your own platform journey.


#1 Blog: Create your own blog or even join a group of people! That’s what I did in the beginning. I met some friends at a writer’s conference and we started a blog together. That’s the easiest for new bloggers since you all share the load. Then when you’re ready to branch out and create your own blog, go for it! There are many different free blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, or even Reddit. Take a look around and see what’s best for you!

#2 Social Media: All of it! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Maybe even myspace if that’s still your thing…is that still a thing? Anyway, these are great ways to get people to know you! Even if you chose one of the other options of platforms I give such as blogging, having a good social media voice will help you grow that much faster!

#3 Youtube: This is one I’ve been thinking about doing myself for a long time. It’s just like blogging…only virtual! It’s like the future. Only its now. Youtube is only getting more popular and not to mention if you have a big following you can even make some good money off of it. Maybe you’re saying, I don’t have a good camera. Well do you have a phone? Or maybe the camera on your computer? Or Ipad? Those work just fine when you’re first starting off. Then move your way up in the ways of technology as you learn.


That’s the thing with New Years Resolutions. People like to make excuses and focus on the problems and then they give up. I know I’m guilty of doing that. But what else can you do? How can you make it work? It may not be perfect, but at least you’ve started. That’s a lot further then a lot of other people can say.

Excuse me while I go try to find coffee beans…maybe I’ll just smell them. That will help right?

No laughing! I’m trying here!


Happy Following Through With Your New Years Resolutions!




I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar!

Confession time!

Querying is a very long process like I have mentioned before. I am actively sending out The Immortal Curse but I decided I should return back to my previous book The Termination.

I will always have a special place in my heart for The Termination. There’s just something about it that I love and I will never give up on that story. That being said, I haven’t touched The Termination for over a year while I focused my attention on finishing The Immortal Curse.

I’ve grown as a writer and stepping away from past projects is refreshing! When you return to it, you don’t have the same eyes you did before and you see things through a clearer lens. So as I returned to The Termination there was a glaring flaw that I couldn’t be more surprised (and yet not) about.

I have The Termination labeled as a Sci-Fi. As I read through it, a voice in my head kept saying “No…no…no…this isn’t Sci-Fi. This book is Fantasy.” But I’m like, ‘voice you’re wrong. I have it written as a Sci-Fi”  and my head reply’s, “Yes, it is written as a Sci-Fi, but the story isn’t a Sci-Fi”.

Wham! I could have thrown up. That voice in my head was right! I was forcing Sci-Fi upon my book because that’s how I originally wanted it to be. Now that the story was done, it clearly didn’t want to be a Sci-Fi, but I refused to listen to the story stubbornly.

In so doing, the beginning was clunky with its paragraphs of world building explanation (that you should never do). As soon as I took that simple two pages of world building out, the rest of the book already wrote itself as a fantasy! I didn’t need to add anything to hit that point home. It was a fantasy this whole time!

I remember now as I wrote the story, there was a little voice in the background telling me it was a fantasy but I was able to ignore it. But I couldn’t any longer. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of finally listening to my story. It reads so much smoother and effortlessly I don’t know why I didn’t do it soon!

But actually I do. As a writer we are the creator of this world. We have all the power, or at least that’s what we think. In actuality, the story writes itself. Writers are simply the vessel and when we try to take all the power and say “Nay! I am God and you will be what I tell you!” we destroy the heart of the story.

I challenge you to look through your own writing and listen to it. Is it really supposed to be something else that you have been fighting tooth and nail against? Yes, it will be hard to change what you have written to accommodate the story’s heart. But trust me, its well worth it in the end.